CSA Share

CSA Share

Throughout our growing season, June - October, we offer our customer's an opportunity to purchase a share of our farm each year. So, what is a CSA you might ask? And why would it be beneficial to order one?


A CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and although broad in definition, it is essentially ordering a share of the harvestable goods from a specific farm during their harvest period each year.  CSA's are very benefifical to both parties as they help a farmer during their leanest period (right before the growing season) as well as to supply the customer with scheduled goods at a fraction of the price you would pay with a flower delivery service.  Think of a subscription service, but for fresh flowers and farm goods!


Our CSA Bouquet is a lovely arrangement consisting of approximately 20 - 25 stems and will arrive in a complimentary vase delivered locally to you or available for pick up at a central location (depending on proximity to the farm).  Flowers are grown straight from our field, so you know your arrangements are seasonal, bee-friendly and locally sourced. A beautiful gift for your self, partner, or any flower loving friend!


Shares can be purchased as a Weekly (22), Bi-weekly (11) or Monthly (5) option. 

For example, a Weekly share option would consist of 22 shares, which means 22 bouquets delivered to you!

*Farm Fresh Local Eggs, Goat Milk, Herbs/Produce & Other Eight Arm Goods can be added during bouquet delivery (a newsletter will be sent out to customers which will notify them of current farm offerings). Some additional pricing may apply.

*Shares come in Weekly, Bi-weekly & Monthly options and are to be purchased (in full) upon CSA sign up. 


*Sorry, at this time, our CSA shares are for customers located in the Portland, OR vicinity (or within a 25 mile radius from farm).  We do not ship bouquets or goods at this time.

    PriceFrom $80.00