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Eight Arm Flower Farm was founded by myself (Kelley) and Matt Hurt, in 2018.  We are a husband and wife team with two children,  and were originally born and raised in Arizona.  Our family moved to Oregon in 2015 because of an employment opportunity in the Portland area for Matt.  Although this move was an extreme shift for us, we never loss sight of our biggest mission, which was to own and operate a farm of our own. In 2018 we purchased our dream farm house, tucked away in the small community of Springdale, OR (located in between Troutdale and Corbett). Our small farm sits on little more than 2.5 acres and is a great starting point for us as we get our toes wet with all that is homesteading and farming. 

A little about me… I have deep rooted agricultural ties and has been always fascinated in farming and programs which preserve biodiversity. As a child, I spent summers on my grandparent’s farm, and it was there that I was introduced to gardening and assisting with the dairy operations. After my grandfather died, and the farm was too much for my grandmother to care for alone, she moved back to the city and the farm was sold shortly thereafter. At that time I was 14, and as most teenagers tend to be, I discovered new importance in life (none which really matter anymore), and left behind my past experiences of farming (because it wasn’t that cool…cue eyeroll).

After high school, I took some time to travel on my own which led me on a backpacking trip throughout Europe.  I had little money to get by and no one there to rely on, so I reached out to organizations that set travelers up with regional farmers to assist with the day-to-day operations in exchange for room and board.  There I met a lovely family in Mondaino, Italy who founded and operated L’Oro del Daino - a grain and honey harvesting farm. They helped to educate me on the importance of preserving old food growing techniques and cultures. Their passion for farming and educating consumers reignited something in me and I soon felt the calling to rediscover this area of my life I left behind so long ago.  When I returned back to the States, I immediately enrolled in college and worked towards a degree in Agricultural Business. 

Shortly after moving to Oregon, we purchased our home which has served as a catalyst for more than just flowers and livestock, but also personal growth and a deeper understanding and connection to our mother earth.  Finding that everything has a symbiotic relationship to one another, and we proceed with a focus on natural, sustainable and organic growing methods. 

Now, into our third year of growing flowers and raising Nubian Goats, we look forward to all that 2022 is preparing to teach us.

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